When I came to Jubilee for the first time, I looked at the dirty children and inside, I cringed. I wanted to be with them and near them but I was hesitant to let them touch me (though I really had no say in the matter). Their dirty, sticky hands would rub all over every part of exposed skin, including my face. They would play with my hair until it was so dirty it felt like it had gel in it. I walked away from the village that first day dirtier than I had wanted. The next day I was a little more willing as they again would rub my arms and touch my skin and play with my hair. As the days grew on my hesitation slowly, but completely, disappeared. Though they still had feces stained feet and dirty, sticky hands, I would play hand slap games and go on tickling rampages. By the end, I could pick up naked children with poop still smeared on them without even flinching. I explained this to Jesse and she responded with a simple “it is because you have grown to love them.”

I am convinced this is how God loves. Though we have covered ourselves in sin that is filthy and disguising, He over looks that. He will still pick us up and love on us disregarding the waste we have clinging to our skin and seeping out of our pores. Simply because He loves us.


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