More thoughts on Day 8


This place is the epitomy of dusty, my mom would never survive. The house is impossible to keep clean. She use to make us wipe down the walls at home when they got ‘dirty.’ Here, it requires repainting the walls with oil based paint.

We sorted and laced shoes today for a shoe drive tomorrow. It was dusty and dirty. Almost all the shoes were new but most looked used simply bc they had been in boxes getting dirty for years. Over 1,000 shoes later and we still were not done.

I took out my braids so that tomorrow I can get some pictures with the kids looking ‘normal’. I lost about half of my hair in the shower and rewashed my hair about 5 times, no exaggeration.

Emery is grilling for supper and it smells delicious even though it smells burnt. Food is food and when your hungry, your taste buds are far less picky. I am tired but yet excited about the drive tomorrow. I hope to get a few good pictures out of the ordeal.


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