The wish list has been updated as of OCTOBER 1, 2012.


For the whole school:

Movie/ carnival tickets (the little red ones, in a HUGE pack, these are our prize tickets so we go through a lot every month)

Ink HP60, HP61, HP 920


Basketball net

Soccer balls

Music CD’s (English or French)

French books


Peanut butter

Hanging file folders (regular sized, not legal)

Scrimmage jerseys


Batteries (C, D, AA)

Plastic folders

Water bottles (big, hard plastic ones)

Themed stickers (for example fruits, vegetables, zoo, etc. we have plenty of ‘good job’ stickers)

Small prizes for store (for example stuffed animals, necklaces, fingernail polish, toy cars, bubbles, wallets, etc)

For my classroom:

Balancing disks

Beanbags for beanbag toss



Eye Droppers

small plastic cups (with lids)

Dixie cups


Sponges (lots!)



Small bags of plastic animals (lizards, snakes, frogs, bugs, etc)

Nuts/ bolts

Plastic golf club set

Crocodile hand puppet

Sing along CD’s

Books on CD or tape

Tape players (Walkman)

Old CD players

Cork board

Art easel

Big paper (like poster size)

Water cups with lids

Tupperware boxes for table centers

Gardening supplies

Mirrors for dress up station

Name plate magnets

Laminated ABC’s, 123’s for borders

Black baby dolls

Baby doll accessories (bottles, clothes, etc.)

Dress up clothes for boys (construction, police, firefighter, etc)

Toys that make sounds and light up

Doll house and accessories

Tag junior from leap frog

Car tracks

Army men

Marble sets

Hungry Hungry Hippos game

Bed Bugs game

Donations can be mailed to:

April Komasinski
4634 Trout Lane
Blair, NE 68008


Much Ministries
CO April Komasinski
PO Box 24599
Saint Simmons Island, GA 31522

Thank-you for making their education brighter!


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  1. April – I would love for you to join with me in prayer about how I can bring a group from CBC to help you! Let me know the best way to communicate from here.

    Thanks for your faithful service!
    Marcia Kitrell

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