Meet my new class!!  I currently have 12 beautiful bright students which I am so excited to teach. As I mentioned before some students from last year have been advanced, or held back or have gone to the country side. So we have added new students, readmitted old students, and given more second chances than I can count. I am not sure where that will get us but thus far it feels right. So without any further adieu, here is my new class : )

Chedline- smart, spunky and a student from last year,. She is talkative and the mother of the clan. She loves to play with the baby dolls, braiding their hair and feeding them. Plus she takes care of everyone in the class.


Cherlanda- Cherlanda was going to be held back but was just too smart for the class below us. So here she is again. Her smile is seen far more often this time around and she is showing how much she can bloom when she is comfortable in her surroundings.


Modeline- Also a student from last year, Modeline is shy.  She loves to draw and play house and she is gaining momentum in the English language department.


Rosilinda- Rosilinda is brand new this year. Her and her sister Yolanda have previously been to Haitian schools but since they do not have any English we have to hold them back to preschool. I have a feeling Rosilinda will only be in preschool until first report cards and then we will move her up. She is super smart and attentive.


Yolanda- Rosiline’s sister and equally as quick as her. Yolanda is more spunky and quickly became best friends with Katiana.


Desaline- This crazy girl has the attention span of a gnat and the beautiful smile of a model. That is, when you can break through her shy front and get her to talk to you. She is warming up to class and hopefully with some extra attention will do amazing.


Sisinio- Nobody, not even Youvndjy, is as spunky in the class as this Maestro. Big smile, tons of laughs and a goofball attitude, he replaced Dieudson as our class clown. He is a joy to work with and absorbs everything like a sponge.


Eldnerson- This is Eldnerson’s first year of school but thus far he is doing really well. His hand eye coordination is excellent, which tells me his parents have been working with him at home. I surely appreciate that.


Youvendjy- Oh so spunky, and definitely not camera shy. Youvendjy’s smile and personality are his big drawing cards. But his intelligence is nearly second to none. What he lacks in fine motor skills, he makes up for in a sharp mind.


Simon- I am sincerely glad to have Simon back in my class this year. After being taken out part way through the year last year I was a little worried about how far behind he might be. Thankfully he is smart and picks up everything quickly.


Chevline- Cheviline is Cherlandas best friend and co-conspirator in all misbehaviors. She is loud and rambunctious and warming up to the classroom lifestyle we have here.


Katiana- Katiana is doing phenomenal in class. She is one of Tia’s kids from last year who was held back to repeat this grade and is doing so awesome. She is a testament to the level in which Tia held her children. I am excited as she helps other students stay in line and grasp concepts.



I am excited about what God is doing in these children’s lives and honored to be part of it.


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