Things I didn’t realize I’d be dealing with at this point in my life:


  1. Spiders everywhere, exterminators nowhere
  2. Shower spouts that have no heads and that pours the shower water 4” from the wall
  3. Using laundry detergent powder to wash dishes and bleach water to rinse. And claiming they’re clean.
  4. Sleeping under a mosquito net with no blankets and no socks
  5. 61 mosquito bites on one leg
  6. Using a cup of water to brush my teeth
  7. No air con, car, or tv and having that be completely okay
  8. Internet that goes in and out 5 times in 5 minutes
  9. Spaghetti for breakfast
  10. Power companies turning out the power at 7 every night to save money
  11. Showering in cold water, because there is no hot water. period.
  12. Bread rolls and pb constituting an entire meal, or 4 crackers and a slice of cheese being a full lunch
  13. ‘Bottled’ water only. and in a 5 gallon bucket that you have to balance on a corner to pour into a pitcher to then pour into your water bottle
  14. Trying to light a stove and have it explode in your face
  15. Realizing I couldn’t imagine a more blessed life than living in this community

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