New Eyes


It is always an amazing experience to have people you love come visit the place you love. It is a meshing of two worlds. Colliding in my own front yard; I see on their faces, all the emotions I experienced my first time here. I get to pull back the curtain and share with them the personal life hidden behind these blog posts. They get to interact with kids they have heard stories about. See, in person, things they couldn’t have imagined despite the photos. It offers me a unique opportunity as well to once again look through a new persons eyes. I get to pull back the scabs and callouses and see a fresh.

Recently, my little sister Sammie and her friend Kelsey were here. My friends invited us to a pool. Upon arrival I commented, “Oh what a nice pool!” It wasn’t until halfway through swimming that I took an honest look around and realized, they had good reason to not get their hair wet. We were swimming in what looked like a many year abandoned pool.

It is funny situations like these that get new eyes when newbies come down. It is good to have the callouses of your heart peeled back. Glimpsing with new eyes, the pain we have become accustom to. And having to explain in detail, the beauty we are able to wring out of this place.







“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know.” -William Wilberforce


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