Sometimes I am overcome by the parents of our students. We get the good, the bad, and the ugly at our school. We have had to have talks about how hitting kids in the head can actually make them less intelligent. Our director and teacher had to go talk to a parent who tried to poison their child, and on more than one occasion we have stopped a parent from brutally beating their kid.

But- but- sometimes we also have beautiful parents. Like Dedson’s mama who without fail walks him to school everyday. Plays with him, jokes with him, and always makes sure his uniform is clean.


We have Messi-love’s mama who when it is muddy or her son is sleepy, will carry him on her back all the way to school.


We have Sopharah’s daddy, who, as a single father, still makes sure Sopharah always comes looking beautiful. Who speaks up at parent meetings to defend the new ideas we give. And is always ready to back us.100_1466

We have the mama, who apologized to her daughter in all sincerity because she realized the wrong she had done. The mama who later said “I know they love my child because they stopped me from beating her.” DSC00627

The mama who paid for her daughter to get a tutor to make sure she stayed caught up in class.


Please continue to pray for the parents of our students. Little by little we are trying to change them. But it is like changing a redwood tree, tall, proud and firm. Pray for softened hearts, open minds and the love of God to pour out in physical ways. The more we can invest in them- the more they can invest in their children.


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