Christmas comes in all forms


Lala likes to say that our school is run on thank yous. Which is pretty much the truth. Our money to pay our teachers, feed our students and provide a solid education is solely on donations. Moreover, sometimes, we get physical gifts too. People will collect items for the school and send them down. When they do, we think it is like Christmas. Sure the presents are actually for me, but since they are for the school and my heart is so invested there, it is practically the same thing.

Recently we have gotten a lot of Christmas. Some amazing individual sent us down a container full of fun stuff including three desks for our teachers!


Another group collected books and curriculum for our school. It took over a full week to sift through all the new material and figure out how to use it!


Even more, a very generous man sent us down some beautiful button down shirts our students received as Christmas presents from the school.


Our boys are proud of their new gym clothes.


The kids are loving playing on their new playground equipment.


and I have about a dozen or so books to read on how to be a better teacher and administrator.


Christmas comes in all shapes and forms. We are very blessed by our generous donors all year long. Thank you for your amazing support. It makes a significant difference.


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