Christmas Vacation


Christmas this year was not spent in the states, but rather I chose to spend my last opportunity with Christmas with Youvendjy. This amazing little boy is a big deal in my life, and as his Godmother, I wanted to have a little one on one time with him. So we made big plans. Christmas Eve is the big night to celebrate in Haiti, so we decided to get all dressed up, go out to eat and go dancing on the square.


Unfortuntely, I got pretty sick and lost my voice. Determined, however, we still went out to eat with a friend, who eventually sent us home to bed without dancing or partying.


The next day we read the Christmas story, opened his three gifts, and then he played quietly while I slept off sickness.


Thankfully I had the opportunity to make it up to him. We took a vacation down to a city in southern Haiti. IMG_2398

We went swimming, played in the sand, and even went hiking.


It was a great Christmas Vacation. I am so glad I was able to spend this precious time with Youv



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