Fet Noel



It’s Christmas time again! With it brings our annual Christmas party. This year was super special for many reasons. First, our annual Christmas pageant was held in our brand new cafeteria! It is completely blocked in, painted and oh so beautiful.


Secondly, we had a few special routines this year. Kelsey, Kara and Bekah taught some of our girls a special dance routine. They practiced several times a week, and I cannot even begin to explain to you the pride those girls shown as they focused on executing every move. More than that even, was the looks on the parents face as they saw first hand the amazing things their children were capable of. We were all beaming with pride.


Finally, one of our older students, Yonelson, decided to choreograph his own dance routine and preform it with a few of the boys. Again, the pride on their faces is indescribable. Yonelson, especially, was strutting around. And well deservedly so.


Christmas is always a special time for us. Sharing the story of Christ with the parents, going on a signing parade through the town, playing games, eating good food and a whole lot of laughter- isn’t this what Christmas is about?IMG_1766 IMG_1813 IMG_1827        IMG_2106


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