Walk in my shoeless feet….


Day starts off before the sun rises. Typically because dog hears something outside and decides sleep is a second priority to making sure that unknown object/animal/person/blown piece of trash knows that he is ferocious. I ignore him long enough for me to realize I am not going to go back to sleep. I then pretend that I don’t remember that 5 am means working out.


Breakfast is whatever I can find. Lately though spaghetti has been a favorite. Yes spaghetti, sometimes if I am lucky it comes with pieces of chicken or potatoes.


As a principal, I have many different jobs in the school. I do things like buy rabbits from a sack.


And then have to spend all night helping build a new rabbit cage. And teaching two students how to use power tools. It involved a lot of stripped screws, trying not to cry because I hit my thumb with a hammer, and tons of laughter.


I deal the great privilege of dealing with misbehaving children. When I get to the end of my thoughts, punishments get creative. Kids holding hands, oversized shirts for two fighting kids, holding rocks in the sun… you get the idea.


And the privilege of dealing with misbehaving animals. They get less creative punishments. Brooms are a multi functional tool. They don’t just sweep- they shoo very well.


A lot of the time a teacher will come to us and ask us “Can we get such and such” and Lala will give me this sneaky smile and say “We can make that…” So we spend the next two hour theorizing how to do it. A full hour attempting it. Another hour convincing ourselves not to quit before we are finished. And the next week with all the tools still sprawled out because we are too lazy to put them away.


I also have been making a creole preschool curriculum, because there isn’t one that has been written before. But you cannot just say to one of my Haitian teachers, please make me some caterpillars from pompoms. No, they will have no idea and will probably laugh at you behind your back. So instead, we had to make the caterpillars for them to see. Then we got so into it, we just finished doing all of them. Because who doesn’t want to make pompom caterpillars. Really. IMG_1972

Because again she gave me that sneaky smile and said “look at this rope I bought in Port Au Prince, we can totally build something with this right?!” and that is how our climbing ropes were born.


Keeping those crazy munchkins in line is a full time job for our 12 teachers. I just have to walk past with an angry glare if they are having just a little too much fun in that supposed-to-be-straight line.


Making sure the playground is clean involves less trash pick-up as much as trash burning.


But I get to work with these beautiful hoodlums.


And this amazing man.


So after dinner is made…


And homework is done…


I get to kick up my dirty, dusty, tired, feet.

IMG_2001   IMG_2203

Life is good. So good. Too good. God must be here and moving kind of good.



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  1. L O V E   this one ! so simply and well said !   Kathy Brooks   011 509 4803 5960  haiti  001 912 399 0014  usa     MUCHMuchministries.orgPO box  24599St. Simons, Ga31522  .

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