Lessons from the dog


I can learn something from my dog. As a puppy, he is blissfully unaware that another being may not want to play with him. He greets everyone, Haitian or American, as if they were long lost best friends. He has not had enough life to be hesitant with people. Or dogs for that matter. Enter Paulettes dog. A nameless straggly, grouchy dog who hangs out on our school porch. Everyday Zeke goes to play with him. Everyday Paulette’s dog growls, snarls, and snaps at him.

So he lays down near him.


And inches closer.


And does tricks.IMG_1861

Finally he yodels out a whiney sound and plumps down. He says he is in it for the long haul. Each day he inches closer. Each day he tries again. He is convinced that they were meant to be friends. Convinced under the rough exterior, there is a soft puppy inside just wanting to break free and play.IMG_1864

He hasn’t found it yet, but with each patient inch he gets closer.


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