(bell rings) We are baaaaaack!


Third week of school. So many changes. We have had the wonderful blessing of privions coming out the the woodwork for our students. Hand-sewn book bags, beautiful gently used Frederica Academy uniforms, donations of toothpaste and toothbrushes. Grants for curriculum and new buildings. But the greatest thing of all-

…we are back in session.

IMG_1810IMG_1674After 2 month break (so nobody had to come in the scorching heat, though I’m not sure the 105 degree weather we have been having is that much cooler), school has begun again. 115 students. 12 teachers. 8 grade levels. One amazing mission.


(and one new monkey bar set!)IMG_1675 As always, we started out our school year with a week long teacher training session.To teach us new things and remind us of old, but good, ideas. It also allows us the time to prepare our classrooms and make them look fabulous. IMG_1739This year the teachers have really stepped up, trying to make their classes look inviting. Such a stark contrast to the typical white walls, benches and chalkboard you see in Haitian schools. And dance class- did I mention? Our kids now have a dance teacher who teaches them to express their emotions through positive movement in their bodies.IMG_1760

And the smiles. Do I even need to explain the smiles? Or can you just feel them radiating their warmth in your heart and know the true joy that is beaming from the kids as they step onto our grounds again, eager to be back in school?

IMG_1718IMG_1670IMG_1667IMG_1789IMG_1681IMG_1692 IMG_1676

IMG_1726(Okay we can’t win them all right?)


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