The best news in my world right now: I am back in Haiti. You heard that right ladies and gentlemen. I made it back. Needed 50 supporters and a whole ton of prayer and somehow, even without making my 50, God called me back. And I responded in the most timidly enthusiastic way possible: “Here I am!” Each day I am here it feels like a gift. A secret present just to me from my Papa. I get one more day here in Haiti. One more moment. One more breath. One more hug. One more good cry. One more year to experience and soak up every last drip of beauty this place has to offer. And it has a lot of beauty to offer. Indescribable beauty encompasses me here. Teachers taking ownership of the school. Fresnel calling a Saturday meeting, and everybody responding with a ‘yes, I will be there.’ Students so excited about coming back to school that they beg me to open the doors early. Women who are coming to work for free because they want to help make their school beautiful. I sigh a sigh of relentless happiness. Sweat drips down my face, dust plasters my skin and mud cakes my feet but this- this is life. This is happiness. This is belonging. This is my best attempt at loving in action. Selah.



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