On the strings of love


My world was rocked the day I got the call. ‘Andrew shot himself. He is alive, but only because machines are keeping him that way for now. Prepare to say goodbye.’

This world is broken. Humanity is fractured. God has been weaving love into ropes and throwing them down from Heaven. Grasp ahold my child, I want you with me. I want you all with me. He calls to us. He calls our names. Frantically trying to show his love he continues to sing and weave and throw us these ropes to save our lives. We walk right through them everyday. Without even realizing they are there. We cry out to feel his love and are blind to the hand delivered cords of promise dangling before our faces.

Once our eyes are opened and we do grasp hold of one of these precious cables our whole existence and reason for being alive changes. We want desperately to be with our Father. And our choice remains one between our flesh and our His purpose.  We can attempt to climb to rope and get closer to our Creator simply to show others how high we can climb, or for our own selfish purposes, or we can do our part to pull heaven to earth on the strings of His love for everyone. His greatest commandment is love. Love Him. Love others. That becomes our marching orders and the only way we can bring Heaven to Earth. We do it for Him. We do it for Them. We clench the rope with white knuckles. Each moment we have a choice. Each choice we make will either bring it closer or let it slip a little further from our fingertips. The process, the choice, to pull it closer requires sweat and a significant amount of groaning. Choosing to love is rarely easy in these broken bodies. It goes against our splintered nature: created in love but born in darkness. Turning the other cheek, giving until it hurts, going beyond ourselves and our needs- these are not easy. But they are all small groans in our struggle to bring heaven to earth.

This is our fight.

My world was rocked when I got that call. My resolve was challenged. I wanted to let go of that rope, throw up my hands and demand to know what God was doing. But turning that cord over and over in my fingers reminded me. I pull on this rope for the entirety of humanity. I want desperately for everyone, everywhere to know the Love of our Creator. I want no one to doubt again. I want no one to be left wondering. I have the choice to look around the world, declare it broken and sit in its brokenness. Or I can cling tightly to this rope of love and use every brokenness as momentum to pull it that much closer.


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  1. beautiful beyond words.  You . 

    thank you for taking the time to pur fingertips to keyboard and letting the whole world see.  i love you .     Kathy Brooks


    011 509 4803 5960  haiti   001 912 399 0014  usa    

    MUCH Muchministries.org PO box  24599 St. Simons, Ga 31522  .

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