Sloppy Wet Kisses


There is this song I love, a worship song that talks about how much God loves us. Over and over it repeats “oh how he loves us, oh how he loves.” One of my favorite lines in the song goes “and heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss and my heart turns violently inside of my chest, and I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when I think about, the way, He loves us…” Sometimes I sing myself that song under my breath to comfort myself. I wrap that truth around me and surround myself with the knowledge of his love. I particularly like those few words about heaven meeting earth like a sloppy wet kiss. I sit here now thinking on how it looks to have heaven meet earth like that.


It looks like Jesula, a 5 year old child with Down Syndrome, proudly standing in front of the class singing her heart out to a song only she knows and a pitch only dogs can appreciate. Lovingly, loudly singing with all her heart.

It looks like a child who is already malnourished, sharing his bread with a dog because in his words “that way the dog will protect me.” 

It looks like Daurdjinia, one of the smartest kids in our school, being best friends with Biolan, our child with Asbergers. Sharing books, helping each other, and playing together as equals.

It looks like Youvendjy asking to sit by his friends because they are scared on their first day of school 

It looks like dancing in the mud.

It looks like spanking a child, knowing it is probably the first time he has been spanked in a loving way. One that explains before hand the reason for the punishment and is not out of anger but rather out of love.

It looks like conversations that hurt and are messy but are born out of a desire to love each other well.

It looks likes stumbling through conversations in half creole, just to share moments with the people around you.

It looks like trying. In all the messed up ways we get it wrong, but still trying.


“Day by day, slowly and painstakingly pulling heaven to earth on the strings of the irrefutable, undeniable love of the Lord, until it is finished.” 


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  1. April,  this is beautiful .  thank you for taking the effort to say it !

        Kathy Brooks

    A cell number for each country !  

    011 509 4803 5960  haiti  ( mostly here )  001 912 399 0444  usa    

    MUCH PO box  24599 St. Simons, Ga 31522  .

  2. April after all of this time I finally got on your website. That was beautiful. Just like you. You are truly a woman of God. You have always been special. Now just from reading this one thing , I understand a lot more why God has you there. I Love you very much. Blessings. I hope to see you next time you come home. Aunt Sue

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