Coming back…. round three


I am sitting on the plane anticipating the moment this blue ocean breaks in the horizon so I might catch a glimpse of the blazing sun on tin roofs. I am on my way back home. Though I dreaded the moment I would have to leave the comforts of my overly plush bed, or the delicious homemade food my mother cooks, I am anxious about setting down my backpack on the dusty cement floor of my house. I am giddy about seeing those tiny black faces of my children surround me. I am enthusiastic about working with our dedicated teachers. I am practically ecstatic to be embraced by the people I claim to be in my community.


Being back in America was a blessing. I could not come back this year and attempt to do this well without that break. I am saddened to leave behind the faces of my new niece Violet and my nephews Oliver and Tucker. It was awesomely exhausting to be asked to “play mow” a hundred times an hour as I drove what was deemed “Apwowl mower” and Oliver drove his. I loved every blessed moment of holding my niece and nephew and I will cherish every smile. My family and friends filled me up with love to send me back to Haiti so I can pour out my heart and soul again.


To those of you who I am leaving behind, thank you for the best summer 🙂

For those of you who I am coming back to, get ready- we are going to rock this!


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