Shark Attack!


The goal of education for our children is to help them grow. Expanding their horizons and their future. This past month my kids and I have been studying all about the ocean. We talked about plant life and ocean animals. The kids can proudly name nearly 15 ocean animals in English. Most of them animals they don’t even know the name of in Creole. They had never been taught about sharks or jellyfish. It was a privilege to talk and explain and share all the knowledge I could shove in their brains. They eagerly soaked it all up. To cap off our ocean chapter, we took a trip to pebble beach. These kids have only ever experienced the ocean in Jubilee, the one where the sewage drains literally opens up at the beach, so needless to say, they were excited.


They spent the 45 minute drive staring out the sides of the truck, asking if every small body of water we passed was the ocean. (Don’t take that as an indication of my teaching, I swear we talked about how big the ocean was!)


When we arrived the kids raced across the beach. Thankfully I had this awesome team of Americans who went with us so the ratio was 1:1. I was terrified of my kiddos drowning.


So we used the buddy system. Each adult had a child. They played games, attempted to learn how to swim, and mostly had fun.


The kids all had a chance to go out on a kayak. There was only one time it overturned, and everyone was fine. Katiana actually came back and joyfully shared the story of how she swam out there then the boat flipped.


We even had a few kids that acted on their daredevil streak and jumped off a rock!


The kids had an amazing time. They were all smiles and slept hard the entire way back home.


I couldn’t have asked for a better trip with my kids. I am blessed to be here, opening their eyes and their worlds a little everyday.


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