Is this what it felt like?


Is this what it felt like? I wonder this as I sit in my small room in a poverty stricken city humorously named Jubilee. I have headphones on my head, blaring worship music into my ears. Letting it seep into my soul. Pushing out the darkness. But more so tonight, they are covering my ears to drown out the sound of voodoo drum and celebration out on the streets. On Easter Sunday, Ra ra is still going on. Ra ra is the voodoo celebration of the supposed victory of the devil over Jesus. See, they believe Jesus died on the cross- and never rose again. How vital that last part is. The celebration lasts three days, Good Friday through Easter Sunday. As I sit here tonight I can feel the drums pounding, shaking the ground. I wonder if this is how it felt that day. If the darkness was this thick. If the evil could be as tangible as it is now. I wonder if the pounding of the demons feet on the ground in anticipation of the death of Jesus was making people hearts tremble. I wonder if they could feel it as I feel it now. The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. He is like a lion ready to devour any weak prey. Thick darkness covers them. It leaks out of their trumpets. It shakes off their bodies. It’s dust can be seen every time their feet hit the ground.

I wonder if this is what it felt like, that day my Savior died to save the world.

Did darkness surround the people. As they chanted for his execution, could pillows of blackness be seen seeping out of their mouths? As they clamored up the mountain trailing Him, could it be seen beneath their feet?

They dress in colorful clothes, blare horns and shake their bodies in celebration of Jesus dying on the cross because they do not know the last part. The secret of his resurrection is hidden from them. They are blind.

So as I feel my heart tremble as the shaking of the drums continues, I close my eyes and imagine that day. That fateful day when darkness seemingly prevailed…when light left the world in utter blackness. When the sun stopped shinning. But only for a moment. For as any Sunday school child can tell you, He rose again. Light shattered into the world, never to leave it again. The darkness flees, the pounding stops. And everyone falls to their knees in acknowledgement of the One True Savior.


I wonder what that will feel like. 


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