Looking back on 2012


Is it possible to review a year here in Jubilee in a matter of a blog post? How do you capture the lessons learned, the skinned knees, the smiles, and tears within the confines of mere words?


Where to begin? Well lets begin with the new name. Jubilee School had to be registered through the government who gave us very strict limits on our new school name. To which we finally agreed on La Saline Academic; Salt Flats Academy. We are proud of where we come from. We want our children to smile with the same pride as they tell everyone, they go to the Salt Flats Academy. No longer will the salt flats be known as a desolate forsaken place. Now it will be known as the birthplace for change in all of Haiti! We declare, God make it real!


This past year we have said goodbye to students and hello to many new small, eager faces. We have added 3 beautiful new Haitian teachers who are dedicated to teaching this generation.

new teachersThankfully they are willing to leave behind their Haitian teaching methods and are trying to embrace our more Westernized style of education.

new teachers 2 We have also added Katie Benner to our roster of amazing teachers, who was educated in America to be a teacher! (We like to maintain at least one “real” teacher in our staff list!)


The Lord is constantly working to shape and teach us how to better teach others. The school has expanded. We have added the second story with two new classes and one AMAZING library. Yes, you heard it right- we have a library. Complete with books and a check out system to boot!

We have hit many highs and lows this past year. Just stick your head into any classroom and you will see kids learning.

learning 2French, English, and Creole all mixed together. Numbers being shouted out, hands eagerly wiggled in air, and a lot of laughter.

learningThe kids are enjoying learning. Field trips, play days, water fights.

play days

field tripsWe also have experienced heartache as staff has left, children have been sent to the countryside and parents have passed away.


As we reflect on this past year one thing is blatantly obvious to us. God is working. This is not our school, our staff, or our kids. No. This is His. He is moving, living, working, touching and loving this place. Nurturing it slowly and painstakingly. Unwilling to let it rest in dust. His vision is great. We are very thankful for the way He is working in those stateside as well. We believe everybody has a piece of the Lord in them. Hands, feet, heart, eyes; We like to joke that we are a toenail of Christ.


But when we come together, all these pieces form a greater picture of our Lord. Every time you pray for us, for this place, for these kids, we can feel it. Our work is strengthened. We have the strength for one more step. We cannot do His work here, without you doing His work there. Together we form a beautiful broken mosaic of who Christ is. Thank you for partnering with us and with Him to dream a bigger dream. To hope a brighter hope. To share Joy and Life.


To hear a child living in material poverty pray for people in America to be blessed, is one of the most beautiful prayers I have ever heard. So as we press forward this new year, we pray for you. That you would be blessed and loved.

hope2Just as we are.


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  1. So beautifully written and portrayed! Thank you for all you are doing for HIs children and body. I am blessed to be a small part of this beautiful tapestry He is creating in Jubilee. Prayers, thoughts and blessings for 2013. May God show up and do exceedingly and abundantly more then we could ever ask or imagine!

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