Series of November updates never posted: Part 1


I do not know how I can possibly get caught up on all the blogs I have written in my mind or started on paper and never posted!

Lets begin at the end!

At school my class focused on forests. My children who live in dust, dirt and mud, seeing only glimpses of green and rarely in any sort of plant life- studied intently forests, trees, leaves, animals and birds. They loved every minute of it. At the end of the month of studying we took a trip to a forest. Well, as close to a forest as you will find in Gonaives. A grove of mango trees and a few others across a river.

forest blog 1

We played in clean water.

forest blog 2

We dunked and splashed and got soaked.


We pretended to be explorers and trekked into the unknown.


Studying the types of leaves we saw.


And animals.


And then to cap it off, we climbed trees.


Whenever I capture pictures of my kids the background is ugly trash piles, muddy grounds or dirt homes. But for the first time- look at the green!



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  1. Incredible work you are doing; giving so much to those children. Love hearing from you. Joyce Breder (Doreen Sigman’s Mom)

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