Long anxious weeks, several dozen emails, handful of rebooked flights, countless hours twiddling our thumbs and he is finally here. Little Dexter Charles entered our community about a month ago and yes I am just now finally getting around to introduce him.

He is a quite little fellow and loves to chase around the kids. Hilarious to watch him do it too. They’ll be afraid enough to run away but then once he stops running they’ll chase him back.

He stays around the office following me around from room to room in the mornings and lazily hangs out in my classroom in the afternoons. My kids love to have him around. We have even introduced a program where my students who have a tough time reading out loud can take him aside and read to him. Studders soothe and shyness goes away when reading to a dog.


Best part to me is little man loves to sit on my lap as I do grad school homework. Just wants to be around and a part of things. We are so happy to have him here and can’t wait til he gets his big ol 80 pound self. Until then though we will enjoy the puppy months!


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