La Kay Mwen


I know I know, 2 posts in such a short time? But I figured all of you might want to see my new house. That is if you haven’t already seen it on facebook. It is pretty cool. Big and spacious. 4 big windows. Cement floor and block walls. No running water, pluming or electricity yet but its okay. I do my homework by a gas lantern and figure out how to survive with as little water as possible. You’d be surprised at how little you can use when getting water involves a 5 gallon bucket and hauling it a good distance. It’s a really nice place. I love how much room I have and how free to breath I feel in there. It’s a place of retreat. My own. My community gathered together and threw me a homecoming party which involves Julies famous pumpkin muffins, awesome gifts of bleach, a broom and dog food and also a beautiful time of prayer over my place. Making it a place of sanctuary.

Dang I love my life.

Both my doors

My awesome bed


My studious desk and puppy kennel in the corner for those rascally pups

Normally my hammock my cousin Andy bought me hangs here but for the time Casey’s batman looking hammock is there 🙂



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