and I shall be called Principal Directrice Madmazel Apwil


Its Sunday at 2 am and I am still alive to write this. This was our opening week of school. Monday through Wednesday was our teachers time to get their classrooms set up, their lessons planned and to have our school meetings over contracts, changes, reminders and so much more. Lala and I ran around like chickens with our heads cut off. Printing, translating, typing, gathering, checking and rechecking, answering questions and asking each other dozens more. I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t know how to prepare. But somehow it all worked. Our classrooms look beautiful. Our kids (mostly thanks to Julie) have their first uniform sized and issued. Lessons did get planned and meetings were had. Wednesday night I realized I hadn’t been breathing all week but still did not have an opportunity as I anxiously waited in anticipation for Thursday morning and the arrival of our students.

At 7:30 they came in beautiful green and khaki uniforms. We have long prayed for green in Jubilee. We have been referring to greenery like trees, plants, shrubs even. But if God wants to start making Jubilee green by our students clad in green uniforms, who am I to argue?

Thursday and Friday flew by. With the new school year has come a new set of 21 three-year-olds. I have to admit; choosing who gets into school and who doesn’t is hard on the heart. People ask all the time how do you choose? This year I simply put the stack of students before God. Prayed for them all and started writing names down on a list. When I hit 20 I stopped. And then felt led to add one more. We have also opened the possibility up for students who have been kicked out before to come back and try again. Second chances are beautiful.

My students are wonderful and I am so excited to be with them again. I will get a new class photo soon. Yes that rugrat Youvendjy (Lala’s son) is still in my class, and yes he still is the most wild. But it is a joy to have him. Unfortunately I have lost many of my students as the Genadas (a partnering orphanage) has decided to host their own school and thus has removed 4 of my students from my rooster. Even harder on me is Dieudson, whose mother took him to the countryside and is unable to return him to school because she doesn’t have a place to live.

I look forward to what this school year will bring. Many changes. Hopefully minimal amounts of mistakes. A lot of joy and of course some major learning.


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  1. Dear April. I want you to know that I print these off and let your grandma read them so she can feel close to you. We are proud of you.

    Aunt Chrissy

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