now try it here


What is God doing next? We constantly asked ourselves that as we sat around in small groups talking about where we saw Jesus moving in different areas of our ministry in Haiti. We were in a small air conditioned building, far different from the gazebo in jubilee. But we were there together as a family again. Sharing our visions and hopes for the future. It was a beautiful time together this past weekend when we all met up in Georgia to dream together for the future. We had the opportunity to share our hearts and passions with those in the Brunswick area. And share our stories of how God took ordinary people and moved us to a different continent and said ‘now try it here.’ Many things are changing in jubilee. Small steps in different directions. Little movements. We pray God will build up community leaders in jubilee that we can partner with and follow as their dreams for jubilee are realized. We look towards to future of the school as more classrooms are added and teachers are trained. Children learning, growing, dreaming and breaking the cycle of poverty. We see the clinic being raised up and healing happening. We see a mobile clinic that we have no idea what to do with but commission it to Gods service. We dream of partnering with the hospitals to be united in the goal of health care. We dream of stable jobs in construction and marketable art for the women. We dream of change. And we continue to pray that it is Gods dreams, not ours, that are realized. We desire to partner with him and put ourselves last. We all said it a hundred different ways. We are ordinary. We are not saints or missionaries; don’t dismiss us that easily. We are ordinary, simple minded, skin on bones people. We desire to be covered in the dust of our rabbi, wherever he might lead us. And for this moment in time, it is in jubilee, Haiti. And we are blessed to be part of what he is doing. Move us aside, Lord, and do your will.


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