A year in review and visions for the future


If someone had told me 2 years ago that I was going to be living overseas, teaching a group of small children, I would have said they were crazy. I had just graduated with my undergrad degree in Criminal Justice. I was accepted into my Masters program and had a career in federal law enforcement. I was happy with the direction my life was heading. Until I fell in love with the kids in Jubilee. Suddenly the things I had loved the most, took second place to my newfound love of those small beautiful faces. Everything in my heart propelled me to follow my feet and Gods love to Jubilee in the city of Gonaives, Haiti. I started in August without knowing more than how to say hello to my students and with the challenge of taking children who had never been in school before and bringing them up to the American kindergarden level. We had many setbacks and amazing strides this year. At the beginning of the year my children did not have imaginations. Given a toy car they would hold it, look at it and maybe run it across a table. It took nearly 5 months before they began using car sounds. Suddenly that part of their brain that had never been stimulated, went into overdrive. Moreover like the flick of a switch, they started absorbing whatever I was throwing at them. Together we learned our Creole alphabet, our colors, numbers and shapes. We learned about animals around the world, the water cycle, plant life and studied hard our English vocab. I am so proud of how far they have come.

As we look forward to next year we see a lot of changes ahead for the school. We are finishing the second story to accommodate our added grade levels. We have hired a couple of new teachers who will be going through teacher training with our amazing staff. Also I have accepted the position of principal for the school. I will still be teaching preschool but will also be taking over principal duties. I am looking forward to this upcoming year and all the promise it holds. The chance to be in these children’s’ lives is the greatest gift God has ever given me. I thank you for partnering with me this year to change the future for the children in Jubilee.

Our class photo gone haywire


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