Muck and Laughter


It was three days before it happened. We spent three glorious days resting and relaxing by the pool. Reading and swimming. Watching TV and taking long laps. It was amazing.  Then there was day three. After a morning of relaxing we put Youvendjy down for a nap and then it happened. Laughter. It started out as giggles.Little girl giggles that you’d hear at a slumber party under covers. Small giggles. But it slowly grew to uncontrollable laughter that reaches you after long hours of lack of sleep and too much stress. The kind of laughter that makes you forget anything bad every happened. It reached down to my heart and stirred up the muck that had settled at the bottom. Stirred it up and allowed light to shine through it, filter it. The laughter merely quieted when Youvendjy started waking. But for the next 4 days the laughter wouldn’t cease. We were ridiculous ad everything said or done was the funniest thing. I couldn’t have imagined a better spring break.

It took me three days but I eventually remembered how to laugh.


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