And in the seven month we rested


If you don’t get to a beautiful place every so often you get to thinking everything is as you see. For those in America I’d imagine it is an urban mentality, as though when God made creation He just made some medium-sized buildings, a bowling alley and a burger place. For me it is as if God stopped creating at just placing the ground below our feet, the sky above our heads and bordering it all with ocean without creating using a color pallet beyond brown and just said “okay kids, have at it.” Now I know this isn’t true, but when you don’t get away from the daily sight of brown dirty dirt as far as the eye can see, well you kind of forget.

And apparently I did. Because as we drove out of Jubilee, out of Gonaives and into the vast stretches beyond the mountains that seem to block us in, green started happening and it shocked me. Slowly but surely the dirt was broken up by plant life that started out sparse but eventually grew beyond controlling. Mountains and valleys covered in green. I breathed in deeply and closed my eyes hoping I could suck in enough air to last me for months. My lungs screamed in protest and then eventually relented and I swallowed hard determined to hide that good air away. We gasped and awed at the river flowing strong in the valley that watered the plants and made everything so green. Every breath we took it felt easier than the last until we realized that there very literally was more oxygen up here.

And then we rested. Is this what God meant by resting? Yes we literally rested, sleeping a lot and lounging around not wanting to do anything that required more than a slight effort and little planning. But it was more than that. We rested our souls too. Sure that sounds corny but it feels real. We put down our swords for a week. The very real spiritual battle we seemingly left behind in Jubilee and we let our souls breathe deeply in the green humid air. It was like a cool breeze. It was like cold glass of water. It was like a bowl of chocolate ice cream. It was like the answer to those whispered prayers.


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  1. Sounds like a very much needed break. I’m still sewing dresses for you too 🙂 I love the thought that I may be helping your mission effort in some small way.

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