We came to dance


It was one of the moments that takes your breath away. There we were in the middle of Jubilee in a gazebo built by the community’s hands as the sun slowly set over the ocean in the distance. It was kissing the land goodnight in brilliant rays of reds and hues of orange. There was loud, joyous music playing, but not out of speakers. Rather pounding through rain sticks, maracas, a gimbay and the squeals of tiny children. A community gathered under that roof as the teenage boys performed for us. For a moment the color of our skin did not matter as we danced hand in hand to the howls and laughter of beautiful music. We were like children, dancing until our heart beats matched the pounding and we laughed until we wanted to cry. The children had gathered to the sound of the drum beats. Our hearts were beaming as radiantly as the setting sun, while the sweet night breeze chilled the sweat that was beading on our skin. The sun disappeared beyond the ocean and the moon rose, yet we continued dancing under those stars. Hand in sweaty child’s hand. As the stars shined down on us, a thunderstorm could be seen rolling in the distance. Lightening flashing through the sky just enough for us to catch a smile on their faces as we continued to jump and shake and glow.

We were fireflies, lighting up the night.

and it was beautiful.

And there he was, in the midst of us all. Dancing, holding our hand and shyly smiling when we caught his gaze. Wanting to be pursued, wanting to dance with us. Laughing and jumping and clapping, begging for one more song.

I finally hit a point where I was simply too exhausted to jump anymore and I stood still and let the joy of the moment consume me. I sucked in a long sweet breath as I whispered a prayer “God, I can’t believe I get to live this life.”


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