Trading up


I am back in America for a couple more weeks and readjusting has been hard. Things seem so foreign to me here. However this has also given me a chance to reflect on everything from America I have traded for a life down in Haiti.

I traded a double bolt lock for poison tipped barbed-wire wall

A 2008 Mazda CX-7 for a 125 motorcycle of some unknown foreign brand with a clutch that is difficult to relearn.

A federal law enforcement job where I investigated crimes and went target practicing for one where I take kids potty and tell them not to eat their boogers.

A clean working shower for one that can work if the generator is working and has fuel and the pipes are connected and we have pumped water and there is no leak and nothing else is wrong. And do not get me started on the cleanliness of it.

The occasional rain that is annoying for rain that make a large stream out of your street and makes rain boots not fashionable but just necessary and also happens way more often than you’d like.

A place where if I see a bug I can immediately pull out the bug spray and kill that sucker for a place where large bugs deserve a name and will be your roommate regardless of your wishes.

A surprisingly large queen sized bed with sheets that I cared about the thread count for a twin sized bed with scratchy sheets because they’re washed by hand and hung dry in the scorching sun.

Many would say I have given up a lot to live in a place that they consider uncomfortable at best. But you want to know a secret? Want to know what makes the very idea that I have “given up” anything of importance seem so silly?


It may not be an easy life. It may sometimes feel like it is sucking the very marrow out of my bones. But I would gladly trade all the riches I could acquire and all the comforts I am use to in America for those scratchy sheets on my tiny bed if it means I get to see these faces everyday.


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