A slice of humble pie


Come to find out, I’m still human


This morning after breakfast the family gathered around in the living room to have a family meeting. Emory gave us all the opportunity to share how we have failed, in one way, this past week. I have to admit I was a bit worried because as people were sharing, I couldn’t think of anything. Considering my tendency towards making mistakes on a rather regular basis I knew the odds of me having nothing to share were slim. So I racked my brain. Then God got involved and reminded me of several times I had failed. When my turn came to share I shamefully admitted my failure and selfishness. I couldn’t even look at them. It sucked. But there was no condemnation to be found on any of their faces. Instead my support group was there to nod their heads and agree, they too had done something similar at one point or at least they understood. But they didn’t stop there. They encouraged me, rather bluntly, to rectify the situation.


I have a feeling in the next 10 months I will be reminded of my humanity more than ever. Which I don’t doubt, would be a blessing from God. Because without it, my God-complex gets overworked and I look at these people as a project versus the fellow humans they are. I look at them as something that needs to be fixed rather than loved. More importantly I think I have the ability to “help”. However laughable that sentiment may be, its true. The more I focus on what I can do, the less I focus on what is really important. This isn’t about me, its not even about them, it is about us.


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