Barefoot meetings


There is something so amazingly simple about the meetings here. They happen around a coffee table, barefoot, and in the dark.

Since we only pay a set fee every month for electricity no matter how much we use, around 7 every night the power company decides to shut of the neighborhoods power. This means our after dinner meetings happen in the dark. With our calloused, bare feet up on the coffee table. Sometimes popcorn is involved. And these meetings consist of real people trying to flesh out the gospel. They discuss philosophical things that actually aren’t so philosophical because I know tomorrow they will go out and implement what they were discussing. It’s practical. It’s life changing, life giving, life honoring. Beautiful. Oh so beautiful. I wonder if this might be something the disciples felt as they sat at the feet of Jesus listening to his words. Empowered, challenged. I struggle to follow their talk sometimes. I love being lost in what they are saying and then get a gem of understanding. I simply just love hearing them talk, and being a part of their discussions. It seems only right that such honest and raw dialogues would be held in such a forum as that. Barefoot.


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