My Rabbi’s dust


this. place. rocks.

Today I walked behind Jesus and was covered in my Rabbis dust. Today I sat before a group of wise leaders fleshing out the gospel. Today I saw in action what I have talked about for a long time. I am overwhelmed with emotions. I am not sure I can put into words what is happening here. Anything I say would be putting it to shame I believe.

The Spirit is moving, Jesus is working, lives are changing. And I am just speaking about the white people. I know the Lord is doing amazing things I see it written on everyone faces. Its as if this group of Americans did the talking thing for so long they eventually had to move countries to live out the walking. I think thats where I am at. I have talked about community and loving and Jesus in action for so long, and I was stuck in this perpetual cycle of selfishness at home that I seemingly couldn’t break that God made me leave the country to undo that. How he will do that in me I have no idea, I am merely saying I think that is one of the lessons on this road that I will have to learn here.

These people, they understand my heart. I mean the community building, people loving, fleshing out this Christian walk thing, they get it, they do it. I have been talking about it, while they are walking it out. The books I have read that stir my soul, this is what they live and talk daily. I am reading a book in them and I have to admit its sounding and awful lot like the Bible. Like the actual Bible. The living, breathing, moving word of God. They have a saying, “We know we are getting it wrong, but we are doing it with our feet moving.” Damn straight, I have to be a part of that.

This movement is electric. I want to get dirty. To cover myself in the dust of my Rabbi so when I touch others, they become dirty to. I want to be wrecked and in doing so allow others to be wrecked. I do not know what this journey will contain but I can tell you all right now- this is right. This calling to come down here was more than just my own desire. This was God. He is going to wreck me, and resurrect me, and it will be humbly beautiful.


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  1. Yes! First I’m ad to hear that you are alive, your mom was quite worried. April I’m really excited, I’ve read those books too and it sounds so exciting, all I’ve wanted to do is figure out how to live like they do. But here, I don’t even know where to start. Roll in the dust.

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