I’m going.


7 days, 4 hours, 5 minutes. That is my current countdown. I cannot believe it. I sit here staring at this blank document and think about the past 8 months and how everything has unraveled.

On a whim and a prayer I reached out to Emory and told him basically, I had to go back to Jubilee before I exploded. He said, do it.

I said “I’m going”.

I hesitantly approached my boss and asked him about taking some time off of work. He said, “Take as much as you like, don’t worry about us.”

 I said “I’m going”.

I eagerly reached out to Doreen to find out about possibly helping with the school in Jubilee. She said, “Come be a teacher for 10 months. “

I said “I’m going”.

I talked to my best friend/ roommate and asked her how she’d feel on me backing out on my part of the lease and leaving for 10 months. She said “I’ve got you’re back friend. I’ll take care of the apartment and your dog.”

I said “I’m going”.

I hesitantly spoke with my parents about what it would mean to go. What it would look like and how it would affect us. They said, “We are proud of your decision.”

I said “I’m going”.

I open my heart up to my friends and family about this adventure. They said “we’ve got you covered; here’s some cash and some prayers.”

I said “I’m going”.

I spoke with my churches in Nebraska and Missouri about supporting me prayerfully and financially on my adventure. They said “Amazing. We’ve got some money, and we’ll support you.”

I said “I’m going”.

Now it is 8 months later and everything is lined up. The money has come in, the prayers have been bountiful, the support- incredible. And as I look back I remember how this all started.

I prayed to God asking Him taking away my passion for Haiti because it was too overwhelming for me. I was broken and hurting. He said, “I want you to follow me daughter. Come.”

I said “Pops, I’m coming.”


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