One day, in the not-so-near future…


CBC family,

It was amazing being able to share my heart and passions with you all. Check your mail boxes because my support letters and prayer magnets are heading your way sometime this week… or whenever I finally get around to addressing them all, because let’s be honest, there is a TON of addressing to do. (hopefully this week!)

I’m trying not to be concerned about finances as the deadline draws near. I have currently raised almost half of my total budget for the 10 months. And God never does anything halfway, so I believe he will provide the other $6,000 I need.

Pastor Chuck and others in the church have mentioned how awesome it is to see the kids they taught in Sunday school and ran around in circles with at AWANAs, leaving their comfort zone and following God into missions. I try to imagine what that must feel like for them. Like a breath of fresh air and a solid pat on the back. Job well done. You have helped train them well. I pray I can someday see that with the kids I am going to teach in Haiti. I pray in 12 years they are able to run to me with news that they passed their GED test and together we will dance and sing and laugh until dawn at their incredible success. I can weep in praise that God did something marvelous through me. How wonderful that day will be. But that day starts today. Every step I take is one step closer to that day.

For them, I move.

For them, I respond.

For them, I go.


I can do all things, through Christ who gives me strength.


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