No, thank God!


This weekend went really well. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of Journey church. They seem to be doing some amazing things. Not to mention all the cool friends I met while there! (Lauren, Malorie and Jentry to name a few). I was excited to share my heart with the crowd and so thankful to see the response. People seemed to get it which is encouraging to me. Thank you Journey Church for the opportunity to come share my passion and Jim (and Andy) for setting it up!

I also had the opportunity to share a little bit about Haiti with Mrs. Schmidt’s classroom. The students listened intently to everything I said and were eager to ask questions. They also were more than eager to donate- giving me a whopping 7 sacks of supplies! (Go kids!!)

Meeting with Emory and Mary this weekend was a blessing. Being around them is intoxicating. As Emory spoke on Sunday it fanned the flame of passion within me. He reminded me over and over- we serve a great God. People patted me on the back and kept saying “good job” after the service. Though I appreciate it all, I do not want the glory to be mine. But rather the God who is willing to work through me. Yes I am leaving America for a country of less than comfortable conditions but I am not going because April is so awesome. I am going because God is so awesome and has led me and worked in me to touch his people. This is God’s workings- not mine!

An excerpt from a recent newsletter of a ministry partner regarding “community development” in Jubilee explains what I mean:

“God is doing such beautiful things in the Jubliee community! Through the building project funds were available to purchase materials and the men within the Jubilee community built a new house for a very needy family. As workers talked with two of the community leaders, they said that the whole neighborhood surrounding the home is grateful to God that this widow and her children are being helped. The young men said that when the family tries to thank them for the work, they say, ‘No, thank God, we can do nothing without Him!’”

Amen. Hallelujah. Wrap it up and let’s go.


I recently found out that school in Jubilee will not begin until September 1st. I have made plans to travel there on August 20th. This is later than I originally expected and I find this bitter sweet. I want to be there so badly, but I am also grateful for the extra few weeks to prepare!


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