Come gather ’round and hear a tale of not so long ago


Sometimes  I am still shocked at the stories I have to share about Haiti. Hookworms entering through the feet. Dirt cookies for food. One light bulb in the entire Jubilee, hung on string outside a dirt home. Scrap metal roofs. If you’re lucky – a mattress on the floor. 200 meals for nearly 1,000 children. Kids sharing their meager portions. 32 pound 9 year olds. A thirsty child drinking gasoline. My pen stops as I get lost in thought. What stories will I have to share when I return? Not after a 2 week trip, nor even a 2 month trip. But nearly a year long trip. What will have changed then? My mind cannot fathom 10 months away from America. The worries creep up but I push them aside. 14 weeks and I leave. 14 weeks. Adrenaline rushes through my veins forcing every nerve to fire off messages. They seem to all say “we’re ready!” I hope so. I know as I board the plane that day in July I will be so pumped full of adrenaline I will not be able to sit still. 10 months.  A looming prospect. An exciting prospect. A life changing prospect. Will I be ready?


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