The product of blogs- new friends


It is amazing to me, how close you can feel to someone after you have read about their heart and passions in their own words. I recently have found a friend. I would say met a friend but I have never met her. Instead FB initated this friendship. She had sent me a friend request with a message attached but I when I spied that she had Gonaives listed as her place of residence I just clicked accept without giving it another thought. We messaged a few times and I found out that she is a student in Georgia who went on a short mission’s trip to Gonaives. After her trip was up she came home but was so impacted by the trip she had to return. A mere 10 days after she landed back in the US the plane wheels were off the ground as she headed back for another dose of those kiddos. She spent four months teaching in Jubilee.  Four heart and gut wrenching months, that made her wrecked for life as she knew it. We have spent the past week getting to know each other and talking a lot. She is a pretty freaking awesome lady. I cannot seem to get enough of the stories she tells. I know on the other end of the computer screen, the other side of those text messages- there is a lady who is reliving those moments as she explains them to me. Sometimes I am concerned that talking about Haiti and continually asking her for more stories is actually hurting her in some way. But I think back to when I came back, though only from a 2 week trip, I wanted to talk about it nonstop for months afterwards. I can only imagine how much more she wants to talk about it. So I ask about it, both to fuel my fire and to soothe the aching in her bones. I hope one day we can serve together in Jubilee.

So to all of you scoffers out there who didn’t think I had it in me to make a new friend (besides turning my office supplies into face wearing appliances) bo-yah! Meet Rachel. You can find a link to her blog at the bottom of this screen. Please remember, if you read it, that these are an intimate glimpse into someone’s life that lived there for a while. These emotions, feelings and stories are real just like the lives she touched.


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