Rice and beans with Lazarus


Before I begin this particular post I want to put a disclaimer up. If you read past entries of this blog you will see I this is my journal. You can read through my highs and depressions that I have experienced since going to Haiti last May. I am honest, raw and blunt because I am usually, if not always, writing for myself. If I have offended anyone because of that I sincerely apologize. It is not my intention. This post I am about to submit is an entry of me venting about some reactions I have heard from people when I tell them about my upcoming trip. The vast majority of feedback is encouraging to my soul. However every once in a while I get a reaction that hurts my heart.
It is difficult sometimes to tell people about my trip to Haiti. They do not understand why that particular location or what draws me to help these particular people. They will say there are people in America who are suffering and to “take care of your own first.” They blame the poverty on the people and are quick to tell you that the problems are caused by their leaders and their ancestors. My heart breaks when I hear people talk like this.

What if Jesus had that mentality? What if he believed in “taking care of your own” first? Would the Jews have ever been to a point where they would have been taken care of enough to spread the gospel past their own circle? I think it is great that there are people who want to help those within their own borders. Good for them, please don’t let anyone stop you. But please do not tell me because I am called to a different area that I am operating outside of God’s will. God never said do first unto your family and then unto the rest of the world.

And to those people who are quick to pin the sins of the ancestors onto the children that is a yoke they shouldn’t have to bear. They are already serving out the punishment of those sins because it is a cloak they unfortunately cannot shrug off. These children have done nothing worthy of a fate of starvation. Just as children in America have done nothing to deserve a life of opportunity. That’s just the way it happened.

One day something will break your heart. When it does I hope you throw off your tunic and run at it arms wide open. Submit your life to the cause for a moment, a day, a year, a lifetime. However long it takes for your soul to feel satisfied knowing it did something to change the situation.

Right now is my chance. This is a chance for me, the rich man, to go outside my gate and eat a bowl of rice and beans with Lazarus.


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