wez awl poor


It is hard to live here. I do not care if that sounds extreme. Jesus once said it is easier for a camel to get through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. I always agreed pointing towards the rich in America, indicating how hard it would be for them to give it all up. How ridiculous I have been. I am the rich. The poorest in America are still in the top 5% richest in the world. I am in the top 2%. I am the elite, the rich, the privileged. Jesus was talking about me. This burns in my chest. Where is the line? Is there one? How do I live here without feeling guilty everyday? Eat food without counting the children that could be fed with the left overs? Think about how many could live in my bedroom or could be housed with half of the money I could earn everyday. It is an impossible balance. There is not one. To cope I have to push the memories into the back of my mind, try to forget it for a moment- for a time.


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  1. This is what Caitlins problem is. She feels too guilty to go out and help the less fortunate. She knows she has a good home and a good family so she cant force herself to go see others who have less because of the guilt. Haiti will be great for her, and me for that matter. I do not feel this guilt. I just see this as a great opportunity for me to help the less fortunate, which is exactly was Jesus preached that we do. I know I have alot too, but that will not stop me from helping. We have been blessed with what we have, and we should use what we have ($, love, skills, etc.) to help others who do not have those things. I am very glad you and Sami are going back over there and I am very excited that I have the chance to go myself and try to do good in the name of Christ!

    • For me it is hard not to feel that guilt. But not necessarily because I was born into wealth and privilege, but more because I have been doing nothing about it. I know my brothers and sisters are out there, just outside my gate barely scraping by and yet I sit behind my double-bolt lock and flip on the tube and drown out the knowledge that others need me. We live in a self-centered world. Knowing that I have fallen into that worldy trap time and time again is what makes me feel guilty.

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