Day 6: Cold showers


Us girls spent the morning at the school watching Greg and the other teacher work while the boys explored town with the children and swam in the dirty ocean. Greg teaches English and writing where as the other man teaches arithmetic. Both are good teachers. Greg asked us to do a bible story/ project with the kids the next day, so we eagerly prepared a plan: Daniel and the Lion’s den to talk about Gods protection followed by making lion masks and having a parade. I was nervous, but excited.
The day seemed to blend into all the rest with the feeding program and the heat. I counted nearly 50 bug bites and had pink blotches of calamine lotion on them all at dinner. I looked ridiculous but felt better. The sun seems to reject coloring me, so I am almost as white now as I was when I left. Albinoism must run in my family somewhere.

At night, Ken, Hope, Greg and I finished our card game. It took us a total of 26 hands I think before we finally beat them. The score ended as 500 something to -100. I was thrilled but tried to be gracious about winning. Ken wasn’t so good and tried to say that he said he had not won in twenty years, but I called him out on that and we did a standing ovation for his twenty year reign as king. Hope and myself had quite a time laughing about her subtle screw-over’s she threw at him during the game. I was so pleased, even if it was accomplished by cheating kinda, it knocked his ego down a little. Good thing too but I was about to send him to Nurse Lala for a healthy dose of ego-reducer.

Shower felt cold instead of refreshing for once, I think because we have had good weather (mostly overcast and around high 90’s versus 100’s all week. After cards I was quite comfortable with my internal temperature so a cold shower felt well, cold. Therefore it was quick and unfortunately my soap fell on the shower floor. I wondered what to do to wash my soap. I couldn’t think of anything but rubbing it with my hands, so I did and then rubbed it some more to wash my hands from the soap dirt. Ridiculous I know but it was for my sanity sake that I had to. Again I slept soundly but for some reason I never awake full rested.


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