Day 5: Songs and Spades


We awoke to the usual fast packed nature of the morning. This time, instead of Jubilee it was church we were off too. Behind an in-passable pile of rubble and down a block or two by foot was the church. It had been raised four feet off the ground to protect it from the flood that hit last November. It was hot but not as bad as I imagined because it was an open air church. Cement block walls and a roof of tin kept the sun off but let the breeze in. The people were, as usual, nice and welcoming. We sat in the back and experienced their worship. It was Baptist like. No jubilation or shouting for joy. Different people would get up and sing an individual song and then sit down. The pastor introduced us to the church and then we were asked to come up and sing a song. Rich got so into it he had us sing four or five songs. By the third one they were laughing at us. It was embarrassing, needless to say.

After an hour long sermon which concluded with another song, in true American fashion, we packed up the truck full of people and drove to a restraint for lunch, Ken’s treat. We packed all 19 or twenty of us in that little place (which thankfully had the only air conditioning I have seen in this country) and ordered our food hesitantly, because none of us read Creole. About an hour or so later we were served; I apparently had ordered a ham and cheese sandwich with fries and international ketchup. Oh that sweet sauce can I not get away from you. It was a very good sandwich and interestingly enough they serve it with eggs, which I also ate. The fries I passed off to Ben along with the fake ketchup. The entire process took about two hours and was quite an ordeal. Every once in a while the Haitian boys would go outside, claiming it was too cold in the air conditioning. I think we make the owners revenue goal for the entire next month. He had to call in help to cook and serve. It was a fun afternoon.

That night Greg, Brian, Hope and I engaged in a little spades card game. I had never played before, but had seen it done and knew the basic gist of it. About 16 hands in he turned over his spot to Ken to finish. Mr. Ken had not lost a spades game in 20 years. He finished the game and won again, maintaining his record. He then asked for us to play another ‘quick’ game, claiming it would not take long at all, even though the last game had taken 19 hands and a couple hours. We agreed. We played until almost midnight before we called the game. It had gone back and forth like a yo-yo the entire game but we postponed the end until the next day with Greg and me ahead by almost 200 points. I took a quick shower and barely felt my head on the pillow before lapsing into a deep sleep.


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