Day 4: Muddy Ocean


More chaos and standing around. Morning began much the same with quickly getting ready, backpacks and breakfast before we headed off to Jubilee this time to lay cement at a family’s home. The process began with using a hammer, machete and some sticks to level out the existing dirt floor. Next we sifted gravel out of a pile with the front portion of a fan cover and covered the floor with it. Then we had to sift sand from the gravel pile using a smaller sifter to fill and entire wheelbarrow. Needless to say, it took a while. The sand then had to be mixed with a concrete mixture but that however still had not been delivered so Wooben took us out to the ocean. Surprisingly the ocean is really close, though you could never tell. Just beyond the mud huts, the community toilet and right at the horizon sits salt houses. Just beyond those is the ocean. Wooben promised it would be a ’10,7,5 minute’ ‘walk, jog, sprint.’ It took us 30 minutes. We were escorted by our usual entourage of children, eagerly holding our hands. The beach is mud, the ocean floor is mud, and the kids were covered in mud. What could it hurt if they jumped in? They quickly stripped of any clothing they had and ran right in. I thought ‘yay for a bath!!!’ They splashed and played like never before and were all smiles. After playing a rousing game of catch the crab and kill it we began heading back preparing for the long walk. The once dirty, now clean kids took a mere 5 minutes to be dirty again. The dust here is ridiculous but they are magnets I swear.

The boys went back to the house to finish laying cement while us girls again went to the school to help with the feeding program. This time I was prepared for the heartache and resolved to feed the smallest and youngest first. 30 minutes later and almost 150 plates of food we were out and they were not nearly full. We had to turn away many kids but I stuck to my resolve and the littlest were fed first. Again after the feeding program ended we left. Saturdays are half days here (though most of them seem to be that way anyways) so we spent the remainder of the day inside trying not to die of heat (it was difficult). Another good dinner and glorious shower (they do not have hot water here, so cold showers only!) and I hit the sack eager for the next day where we would visit a Haitian church.


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