Day 3: heart break


The next morning we awoke exhausted. Heat takes something out of you, especially when you sleep in it. The cool rain had stopped and the sun woke much earlier than we did blaring in our windows reminding us of where we were: Hot Haiti. We threw on some clothes, packed a backpack and headed downstairs. The cook had been up long before us as well and had been preparing breakfast. About ten minutes later we sat before a table filled with about 17 people and several large bowls of eggs and grits. There was a delicious topping of what appeared to be bacon bits, but in reality was far from it. None the less I put a large helping on top of my scrambled eggs and ate without asking. It was quite delicious. We headed out right after that, making it to Jubilee by 7 in the morning. Again the kids swarmed us but we were able to push past them and into the small school house. The kids inside were in uniforms and looked healthier than the rest. Come to find out it is because they get vitamins and one meal everyday plus snacks during school. It looked like that made a big difference. Brian took us out into the community where we were going to put a roof on a house. The tin had already been delivered and was now soaking up sun beside the tiny hut. First the old roof had to be torn off. A Haitian man jumped on the roof and began pulling nails while the rest of us just watched, wondering what we could do the help. Rich and Ken came by and asked for someone to go with them around town to help with their census. I volunteered and spent the next 2 hours following in their dusty trails watching a small Haitian boy do all of the talking, and recording of the information. Then Rich would take a picture of the family next to their hut. I had the opportunity to meet a good amount of children I had not seen the day before and got many of them laughing and playing. Overall it was a good time.

I went back to the house the team was working on and found that they still had little to contribute so Jess, Hope and myself headed back to the school to see if there was anything to help out with there. The feeding program was just about to start. Emery had cooked up two five gallon buckets of rice and beans and two ladies were dishing them out onto plates while the school rapidly filled up with small hungry faces. 100 plates later and the kids were almost salivating with the smell of food. Feeding began with mass chaos. We each grabbed several plates and began handing them out, not knowing any system to go by. So we handed them out by rows, starting with the back. By the time we hit the middle we had run out of plates. The kids would scarf down their food and hand us back their plates and spoons which we would refill and hand to more kids. I had heard that food runs out quickly but I did not make the connection at that chaotic moment which I regret. Two small children under the age of three hovered at my feet staring up at me with big eyes. I turned to the table and had one plate filled with food and handed it to one of the children. I turned around to get another plate and they said we were out. I looked down at that small child and wanted to cry. I had chosen who would eat that day and who would go hungry.

After the feeding program Brain took us home. We were still in shock from what we had seen and were deathly quiet on the ride. Once we were home our spirits were lifted by fans and shade. We dropped our stuff and again crashed on the couch in front of the fans. We sat for what seemed like hours until they started setting the table for dinner. Another good dinner, another amazing shower and I was off to bed by 7 ready for sleep. We had received fans for our beds which made bedtime all the sweeter. I slept to the sound of my fan drowning out the bar next door and counted my many blessings.


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