Hand in Hand


They just want to be near us. Everyday we come to the school, swarms of children from Jubilee run to meet us. They grab our hands, our faces, hair, clothes- they surrounds us in tight circles. At first we believed that it was simply because they wanted something from us. Maybe the water in our packs, shoes on our feet, or for us to take picture of them. Today, however, I found our we were wrong. We were led on what was promised to be a 10, 7, 5 minute walk, jog, sprint, to the ocean. It ended up being about a half an hour walk there. The children all knew how far the walk was because they go there to sift for salt to make mud cookies with. Yet in the middle of the heat of the day, they happily grabbed our hands and walked with us. Most of them were barefoot and the walk included a trek through the community toliet and on rocky paths. Not even half way through the walk our hands were sweating and we were hot, yet the kids held on. We could not speak their language, and by now they knew we would not give them stuff, yet they eagerly walked hand in hand with us 30 minutes to the ocean front just happy to be “privilaged” enough to hold our hands. They would fight over the opportunity to grab on, if not our hands then our elbows or strings from our backpacks. Just to be near us…

Our relationship with God should be like that. We should be thrilled to have the opportunity to walk hand in hand with him. Barefoot, in the heat, on rocks, through everything- considering it a privlage to be that close to him.


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